general tips

Claws from pets can harm any upholstery cover. Scratches on leather or textile covers do not look very nice. But even high-quality covers will not withstand this “treatment”.

Too much moistness will harm the upholstery furniture. The construction is often made of wooden materials. Also other inner materials, like foam material, suffer from humidity and can get unstable. Furthermore, marks caused by mildew can occur. Recommended room climate: approx. 45-55% atmospheric humidity, room temperature 18 °C - 21 °C.

Too much heat will damage the upholstery covers. Also foam material will suffer from excessive heat. Therefore, do not place your upholstery sofa too close to any source of heat! Keep sufficient distance from heating and fire places. If an upholstery sofa is placed in front of the heating, please ensure that there is enough distance between floor and sofa so that the heat can circulate.

Light changes materials! In general, sunlight as wel as artificial light fades textiles and leather over time. If possible, avoid exposing your upholstery to sunlight and to very close and strong halogen light as it can speed up fading process.

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