maintaining leather

They sometimes say that leather is 'alive'. You can best compare leather with your own skin, which needs a little attention every so often. You probably shower sometimes and use shampoo, skin cream, scrubs, masks and other maintenance products to keep your skin in top condition.  Furniture leather needs to be maintained the same way.

1. Keep the leather free of dust
Micro-contamination, or around swirling dust particles, can easily mix with household waste, skin fats, perspiration and other liquids. Wipe your piece of furniture every week with a clean dry cloth or (if possible) with the soft furniture attachment of your vacuum cleaner.

2. Half-yearly maintenance
Furniture leather is made for use, but this does not mean that it is indestructible. Use the products from your regular maintenance set twice a year on average to keep the leather in top condition. Read more about the frequency of maintenance on this page: different leathers.

3. Distilled water
Do not use tap water. Not all tap water in the Netherlands has the same water hardness. This means that, after using tap water, annoying lime edges (or 'water edges') may remain. Bring 1 liter of distilled water into your home. This always comes in handy and is available in almost every supermarket or at the drugstore.

4. Stains
Never use home, garden or kitchen products to remove stains. First consult the stain page and then take a clear picture of the stain or damage. Send this photo to LCK® Netherlands for professional advice. In all cases, try to resist the temptation to scrub spots, you will always see this.

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