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Cartel Living Care
Cartel Living and LCK Netherland work together to provide you with the best possible service. You can contact us with all your questions about furniture maintenance. The LCK laboratory has tested all Cartel Living materials for cleanability and maintenance products, the maintenance advices can be found on this website.

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Questions about maintenance
LCK helps with questions about the properties of materials, stains, damages and which maintenance products are best to use. Do you have a specific question about a stain or damage? Please contact us or take a look at the stains page, who knows, your solution may already be listed here!

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de world of furniture maintenance | LCK

LCK has been known as the specialist in furniture maintenance on the European market for almost 40 years. We have been working with the most progressive furniture manufacturers for years, such as: DeSede, Machalke, Rolf Benz and Cartel Living! LCK's experts test the materials from these manufacturers for maintenance. With a physical storage of more than 100,000 samples and an online database, we can help you with any question.



In the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, LCK Nederland BV is the point of contact for all manufacturers, suppliers, tanneries, shops and private individuals. With almost 20 online stores, their own service department and a team full of enthusiasm, they serve the furniture industry every day. LCK can help you with questions about stains, damage and maintenance. From advice by email to a professional service at your home, it is all possible!

Are you curious about what the experts at LCK can do for you? Please contact us quickly:

LCK Nederland BV
+31(0)571 270 327


The laboratory

The LCK laboratory is located in Ubstadt, Germany. Here, the experts at LCK test the materials of numerous furniture manufacturers for cleanability. In addition to the usual rubbing tests, the materials are tested for cleaners, lotions, balms and impregnating agents. In this way they try to link the most suitable products to the materials. Continuous development is achieved under the motto: "If we ain't got it, we can make it". Did you know, for example, that LCK has more than 2,800 individual products? There is more possible than you think!

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