protecting fabric upholstery

With the Puratex® complete care set is the most common set with which you can protect and care for your fabric seating furniture. The Puratex® impregnator contains no propellant gas or solvent. You can start using the treated furniture again after a few hours of drying time. Moisture and dirt can penetrate the fiber less quickly, cleaning becomes easier. Impregnate new furniture from day 1, then freshen up every six months.

Choose the most environmentally friendly and simple method of impregnation: Puratex® with OEKO-TEX® certificate!

How does it work?
Use your vacuum cleaner with the (soft) furniture attachment to clean the upholstery of your furniture on a weekly basis (up to 500 watts) and thus remove household dust, crumbs and other daily dirt. By moisturizing the LCK® cleaning glove with Puratex® cleaning water and wiping the surface from seam to seam, the fabric refreshes. Spray the spray evenly over a distance of 20-30 centimeters over the fabric and then let the coating dry thoroughly. The impregnator has its optimum effect after 24 hours.

Important: LCK Nederland has tested every Piet Boon fabric for cleanability. Take a look at the maintenance advice to see if your fabric can be impregnated and / or be wet cleaned.

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